Guildhall African Caribbean Society

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Guildhall School African Caribbean Society started in 2018 by Jazz music student Scarlette Morgan, and re-established in March 2020 by PACE (Performing Arts & Creative Enterprise) student Nikisha Reyes.

The society’s mission is to bring students from the African diaspora together, and to celebrate black excellence. The society also hopes to highlight the need to address the under-representation of Black and marginalised ethnic groups across teaching and senior level staff within the conservatoire.


Classical Music Showcase

Classical music performances from Guildhall’s African Caribbean Society, taken from the ‘Shadows Of A Strong Woman’ project. This element of the project explores with the representation of classical opera singers from the African Diaspora.

Directed and produced by Nikisha Reyes; Music Arranged by Nikisha Reyes; Piano Accompanist – Innes Yellowlees; Audio Mixing Engineer – Gauthier Gareau Photography by Skins Elliot

Innes Yellowlees
Thando Mjandana
Danielle Mahailett

The Prayer Performers – Nikisha Reyes & Thando Mjandana Composer/lyricists – David W. Foster / Tony Renis / Carole Bayer Sager / Alberto Testa.

The Flower Duet Performers – Nikisha Reyes & Julienne Danielle Mahailet Lyrics – Nikisha Reyes Composer – Leo Delibes I Feel Pretty Performers –

Nikisha Reyes, Thando Mjandana & Julienne Danielle Mahailet English Lyrics – Nikisha Reyes Composer/lyricist – Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein,

Gospel Choir Showcase

Gospel Choir Performance & Interviews

Live performance and interviews from Guildhall’s African Caribbean society taken from the Shadows Of A Strong Woman project. This element of the project explores with explore the restorative properties of negro spirituals, and gospel music combined with singing bowls.

Directed and produced by Nikisha Reyes. Music Arranged by Nikisha Reyes Piano Accompanist – Innes Yellowlees Audio Mixing Engineer – Gauthier Gareau Guildhall Recording & AV Team – Annie Smith, John Duckett Photography by Skins Elliot

Music Arranged By; Nikisha Reyes
Universe provides medley; So Many / Hold On/The Universe Provides So Many/ The Universe Provides Composer; Nikisha Reyes. Includes the spiritual -Hold on just a little while longer by Rev. Cleophus Robinson Jnr.
For My Good; Composer; Nikisha Reyes
Tried So Many Times Medley (Tried so many times/ Up to the River ) (Re-adaptation of spirituals) I don’t feel no way tired – Curtis Burrell Down by the river to pray – Jubilee Singers
Choir Performers: Marlon Hibbert, Daria Phillips, Jule Mukamajule Michelo, Hannah Franklyn, Abdul Sessay, Shayde Sinclair, Malikah Cobb, Wesley Hope, Danielle Mahailet, Kaidi Akinnibi, Chuma Sijeca, Innocent Masuku, Lois Graham, Nikisha Reyes.

Activism Showcase

Black Lives Matter

Guildhall’s African-Caribbean Society (ACS) has curated a 9:29 video in commemoration of George Floyd, Joy Gardner and UK victims of systemic racism and published on the 28 July 2021, marking 28 years since Joy Gardner was unjustly detained and met her untimely death by immigration police.

The video commemorates 20 UK victims of systemic racism. It is our hope that this video will serve to continue the dialogue and contribute to the ongoing progress of anti-racism legislation across the UK.

This video also acts to uphold and recognise the ACS’ presence at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, thus calling everyone to engage with Guildhall School ACS for more events in support of Black Lives Matter.

Curated by Sesley Hope, Tyreke Leslie, Daria Phillips, and Nikisha Reyes.

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