Nikisha Reyes:
Activist, Multidisciplinary Artist

Nikisha Reyes is an activist, and multidisciplinary artist of Trinidadian heritage. She’s often considered a “vocal chameleon”. Gospel, calypso/soca, reggae, contemporary soul/r&b, pop, classical, jazz, country and folk music influence her unique singing style.

Some of her recent work include the single ‘Open up’ in collaboration with Dutch DJ and record producer Gregor Salto and Dux n Bass. 

Her previous work fused modern contemporary soul with soca and calypso music, with which she performed at several UK Caribbean festivals including Notting Hill Carnival. She collaborated with UK drum and bass artist General Levy and was also a member of the London Association of British Calypsonians. Here she performed alongside international calypso artists such as, Tobago Crusoe, Alexander D Great,  Macomere Fifi and Shirlane Hendrickson. 

During the festival season, Nikisha also opened for international soca artists such as Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Faye-Ann Lyons, Denise Belfon, Rikki Jai, 3 Canal, Roy Cape All Stars and many more.

Nikisha has  worked as a session vocalist, providing vocals in both live and recorded context. Her collaboration with Ben Cocks on the record So Cold has featured on The Good WifeVampire Diaries, and So You Think You Can Dance.

As a freelance performer, she also worked with the London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) at the Brit Awards, singing for Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton and The 1975.  She also toured with Soul II Soul (Jazzie B & Caron Wheeler) performing at The London Palladium, Sec Armadillo, Blenheim Palace, and Silverstone Classic.

Whilst at Guildhall School, Nikisha trained as a multidisciplinary artist, in group music, movement, and devised theatre. Her craft training also include; acting with Jamie Bradley, poetry with Jacob Sam La-Rose, and musical theatre singing with Linda Hutchison. As an extra curricular activity, Nikisha served as the president of Guildhall’s African Caribbean Society for 1.5 years, and became a student member of the school’s Equality Diversity and Inclusion committee in 2021.

In her final year, after the impact of Covid-19 on her mental health, Nikisha embraced Sound Therapy, combining voice and singing bowls as a new process to meet the demands of her studies whilst creating new work. Shadows of a Strong Woman #SOSWoman is one of the projects that emerged from this process. 

Shadows Of a Strong Woman project touches on themes of mental health, identity, and representation within the UK’s Wellbeing and Opera community and was inspired by BBC-2021 Abdirahim Saeed’s Are Black women getting enough support for their Mental Health?   Shadows of a Strong Woman takes us on an aesthetic musical journey with sound therapy, from the perspective of a Trinidadian woman living in the UK. It involves a gospel choir and classical music performances by Guildhall’s African Caribbean Society. The project also draws upon inspiration from Marianne Anderson, by combining negro spirituals with classical music, and includes meditative mantras from Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey’s, Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude.

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