Artist Manifesto

I am a UK Activist, Multidisciplinary Artist, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I am currently developing work, which stems from my enquiry; How can Artists from the African Diaspora use their platform to highlight the impact of unconscious bias/systemic racism on our community’s mental health.

Government statistics suggest that African Caribbean people are disproportionately detained under the Mental Health Act across the UK.

My immediate enquiry lead me to explore ways to implement wellbeing practices such as sound and music therapy into my work. I am particularly interested in the restorative properties of music, and it has also come to my attention, the barriers that prevent music artists like myself from accessing training that may benefit our communities. A diversity report from the British Association of Music Therapy suggests that music therapists from marginalised groups, including people from the African/Caribbean diaspora are under-represented. The report suggests that stringent entry requirements that rely on western classical music training, may be one of the barriers preventing access to marginalised and disadvantaged groups.

Research suggests that people from the African Diaspora may not be getting enough support for their mental health which highlights that there is a need for more representation amongst Black British NHS staff and Wellbeing Therapists in the UK.

Music Therapy is one of the proven alternative therapies on the NHS which may work to promote and enhance mental health and wellbeing.

My music practice is developing to incorporate Sound and Music Therapy practices. I intend for my work to encourage the dialogue around the colonialistic structures of Music Therapy training.

It is my goal to re-balance, restore and refocus my creative and spiritual energies to improve my understanding and purpose as an artist to better serve myself and others who may have been impacted by unconscious bias and systemic racism.

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